Dental Implants


Rebuilding Your Smile’s Foundation

Lost teeth can have a significant impact on your life. Taking your teeth for granted is easy, but life’s not the same when they’re gone. Everyday activities that are vital to life become an uphill struggle. Biting and chewing, talking, laughing, and even smiling are affected.

Of course, you could get dentures. But false teeth lack support and often feel like a compromise. You’re left with a smile that could loosen the moment you laugh, or that will make your favourite meals impossible to chew.

You need the stability the roots of your natural teeth used to give to your smile. With dental implants, I can give that support.


Complete Confidence

Dental implants are titanium posts. These are anchored into your jaw, supporting your replacement teeth in much the same way as a tooth’s natural root.

You can eat, laugh, and smile with implants holding your new teeth in place —thoughts of what you can and can’t do will be far from your mind.

Once the implant is placed, the strong titanium fuses tight to your jaw.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth, or they can support up to an entire row of teeth using strategically placed anchorages. I use the most realistic replacement teeth to make your smile look natural and fresh.


Myths and misconceptions


Faresh clears up some of the misunderstandings around the implant procedure.


Receiving implants from Faresh and his team is easier than you think. Here, Faresh explains the steps involved.


Implanted Benefits

Dental implants are a good option for most people that have lost teeth. Here are some of the benefits.

Restored Confidence

Missing or failing teeth may make you feel self-conscious. If you’ve had a gappy smile for a while, there’s a strong chance you avoid showing it off.

But gaps in your teeth can impact your facial structure. Without the support of teeth, the skin around your mouth may sag, causing premature ageing.

Whether it’s looking good in family photos, giving a good first impression, or feeling better about yourself in general, dental implants will help you do it with confidence.

And—best of all—I use only the highest-quality, precision-crafted porcelain restorations, so no one would ever guess your flawless smile is supported by implants.


Restored Function

Our teeth are vital to our diet. Being able to bite and chew a wide variety of foods means we’re able to eat well and enjoy our meals. Missing or failing teeth makes eating a daily challenge.

Dental implants offer the best support to your replacement teeth. A direct connection to the jaw gives your teeth the strength to bite and chew effortlessly.

With dental implants, I can take away meal-time worries and help you enjoy your favourite meals again.


Restored Health

A gap in your smile increases several oral health risks. The space where a tooth once stood is often hard to clean. Areas like these are a paradise for bacteria, and you’re at increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

A gap can also become an open invitation for neighbouring teeth to drift. Without a complete row of teeth, movement occurs, and your smile may become misaligned.

With no root, the area of your jaw below the gap will deteriorate. The minerals in that area of your jaw are taken away in your bloodstream, leaving you with a weaker, thinner jaw.

Using dental implants, I’ll fill gaps with high-quality replacement teeth. This makes it easier for you to brush your teeth and remove debris and bacteria. These teeth also prevent your natural teeth from sliding on either side.

Implants reach down into your jaw, stimulating the bone and keeping it healthy. Dental implants prevent jaw deterioration, giving facial features a restored and revitalised appearance.


Who Can Have Implants?

Dental implants are an effective replacement for lost or damaged teeth. Before placing implants, I’ll always complete a full assessment of your teeth, gums, and jaws and find out about your general health.

To support the implants, you must have sufficient bone in your jaw. If you don’t, I might suggest having a bone graft first or opting for zygomatic implants instead.


Let Me Rebuild Your Smile

Using the latest dental implant techniques, I can restore the look and function of your smile. Book
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