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Same-Day implants with Faresh


Watch the Video

Same-Day implants with Faresh


A New Smile –
Without the Wait

When you’ve lost several teeth, it severely impacts your life. You might not feel like your old self anymore. Every meal you eat is soft and easy to chew, conversation is a challenge, and you may even hide your smile away.

Dental implants can change this. The problem is, losing lots of teeth usually means lots of implants and a long recovery time.

But there is a way. Using revolutionary same-day implants, I can restore the look and function of your smile in a single day.

Conventional implants require up to six titanium supports to keep them firmly in place—often up to six. But with Same-Day Teeth, I’ll use just four well-placed implants across to support a life-like, long-lasting new smile.


Patient Journeys with Faresh


Meet Jignesh—one of the many implant patients to receive exceptional care at Faresh’s Ascent Dental.


“It’s changed my life…” Like many patients, Bob opted for gentle sedation during his implant procedure from Faresh.

Same-Day Benefits

There are lots of great reasons to love same-day implants. Here are some of
the things my patients love about them.


Traditional dental implants are great, but they are placed in stages, and you do need to think about recovery times. Same-day implants are placed over just one day. This saves you time and lets you get on with enjoying your new smile sooner.


Placing your implants over a single day means fewer appointments. That equates to fewer trips to the clinic and less impact on your usual routine.


Same-day implants are topped with teeth that look amazing. I place well-made custom restorations that seamlessly match the look of your natural teeth. Your smile won’t have ever looked this good before.


Implants let you get on and do what teeth should do; bite and chew. Unlike bridges or dentures, your new same-day implant smile is supported at jaw level for a confident bite. The entire menu is yours to enjoy; nothing is too hard to chew.


Missing teeth leave several health issues. Most notably, when you’ve lost teeth to trauma or decay, your jaw is at risk of deteriorating. However, when I’ve placed implants to support your new teeth, your jaw will remain intact.


The Same-Day Process

If you believe that same-day implants are for you, I’ll begin with an assessment of your teeth and jaws. To support the implants, your jaw needs to be strong and healthy. I’ll take a digital scan to ensure the bone can support the implants.

To make way for your implants, you may need failing teeth extracted. If needed, I’ll do this before starting the placement process.

I’ll strategically place your implants to achieve long-lasting support: Implants at the front are positioned vertically, whereas the implants at the back are angled. This gives your new teeth the best support across your entire mouth.

After placing your implants, I’ll give you a temporary restoration that will look and feel great, but it’s not the final product. I’ll exchange the temporary restoration for a permanent replacement when your implants have had time to settle and heal, and you’ll fall in love with your smile all over again.

Give Me a Day – I’ll Make Your Smile

Same-day implants will change your life. Best of all, you’ll get a look and function comparable to natural teeth in just one day.
Schedule a consultation to learn how I can rebuild your smile without the wait.