Restorative Dentistry


Complete Smile Rehabilitation

Having one damaged or missing tooth is upsetting. But it’s relatively easily remedied. When several teeth are affected, it’s devastating.

You may have a smile made up of gaps interspersed with cracked, worn, chipped, or discoloured teeth that you hate seeing.

Finding a fix for many problems isn’t easy, and you may give up hope believing it’s impossible.

But treating chronic oral health problems that affect your entire smile is possible. Using a multidisciplinary approach, restorative dentistry can dramatically improve your smile and enhance your oral health.


What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry involves taking procedures from various spheres within dental care and combining them to treat complex and chronic oral health problems.

Your smile may have experienced damage due to trauma, disease, or neglect. Where this is the case, one single procedure may be insufficient.

I use treatments from several areas of dentistry. For example, using lifelike crowns supported by implants to replace missing teeth while repairing their damaged neighbours with veneers or composite bonding.

The Tools of Smile Restoration

It’s never too late to reclaim your smile— even if it seems damaged beyond repair.
Your smile rehabilitation may include a combination of these restorative treatments and procedures.


Dental implants are the definitive solution for missing teeth. Small titanium posts are anchored into your jaw, mimicking your tooth’s root. These support natural-looking replacement teeth.

Implants offer unparalleled stability, allowing you to chew, bite, smile, speak, and laugh confidently. Once placed, a dental implant can last for an entire lifetime.


Made-to-measure porcelain crowns look and feel like the real thing. Crowns can either replace a complete tooth or cap one that’s severely compromised. Crowns are durable, helping your smile stay strong and healthy for many years to come.


Used to fill the gaps caused by missing teeth, dental bridges consist of a realistic replacement tooth flanked in position by crowns that cap the neighbouring teeth. A bridge needs healthy natural teeth alongside it to give it support.


Veneers can repair their appearance if your teeth are chipped, worn, cracked, severely discoloured, or misshapen. These shell-like coatings are applied to the fronts of damaged teeth, making them look new. Once placed, veneers give your smile uniformity.


This simple and effective treatment uses composite resin to rebuild damaged teeth, sculpting them to perfection. Composite bonding takes very little time, but the results are outstanding.


Dentistry Benefits

I believe that even the most damaged smile can be saved with restorative dentistry. Here are the benefits of my smile rehabilitation treatments:

Improved oral health – Disease and decay spread. But by addressing the problem, I can prevent further damage and give your oral health a valuable boost.

Increased confidence – Hiding a failing smile can make you self-conscious and even depressed. With the latest restorative dentistry techniques, I can give you a smile you’ll want to show off.

Better quality of life – Dental damage affects how you eat, laugh, and speak. Once I’ve restored your smile, your teeth will never be a reason to miss out on your favourite meal or avoid conversations.

Let’s Fix Your Smile

You’ve been hiding your smile for too long. Don’t let damaged or failing teeth get in the way of living
your life any longer. Call today to arrange your restorative dentistry consultation, and start your
journey towards a smile you’ll love.